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TAŞ Hospital

TAS Medical Center

Taş Medical Center started operating in Göktürk in 2017. Due to the intensity of our work on Health Tourism in terms of service areas, location and location; It provides services in related branches. Stone Medical Center; It is the only health institution that has the largest area in Göktürk and its surroundings, has a well-equipped operating room within its branches, has a health tourism certificate and a hair transplantation license, has private insurance agreements as well as SSI agreements, and provides 24/7 emergency service. TAŞ Medical Center; It aims to serve patients with an expert staff, using all the possibilities of technology and science within this framework, without compromising on quality, by knowing and observing innovative and contemporary patient rights in the sector, which requires utmost importance and care, such as health.

Our Vision

To always be the first address of trust and peace in the field of health by combining our responsibility towards people and society with our understanding of quality service and technological innovations.

Our Mission

  • Our aim is to provide quality and economical health services to all segments of the society by respecting patient rights and adhering to traditional values, with our expert and qualified staff who have adopted a modern, corporate business approach and are equipped with up-to-date information.
  • Our basic principle in the service process is to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level, based on a patient-oriented structure.
  • To closely follow technological and scientific developments and include them in the service process, thus constantly improving the quality of health care.
  • By trying to meet the expectations and demands of our patients, suppliers and employees at the highest level, we provide an environment where they feel confident.

Our Values

  • We respect patient rights and prioritize patient satisfaction.
  • We offer the best and highest quality service to patients and their relatives with our friendly staff.
  • We aim to constantly renew and develop in line with scientific approaches.
  • We work in accordance with medical ethical rules in all our practices.
  • We engage in quality-oriented activities.
  • We prioritize employee safety and satisfaction.
  • We attach importance to teamwork and team spirit.

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